Sunday, 18 February 2018

Nuclear Disaster closely averted by the Politburo

A great ady pretending to be the politburo in 1968

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Doctor Who into the time vortex =first game

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by this game ,I thought it looked too simple and thought I would be looking at 7 TV or the old free Dr Who game but we quite enjoyed it .For the first game we kept it simple ,using the cybermen and Daleks that come  with the starter game and the first basic scenario . John picked the Cybermen taking the cyberleader which gave him a free cybermat swarm and a 2 and a 3 cyberman patrols so he could get a extra fate token I had the Daleks and took patrol leader and 2 patrols .The Daleks have the shooting advantage or should have by not moving and getting their shooting dice doubled but my awful dice rolls only took out a cybermat stand the entire game ?. The cybermans melee proved the winner taking out my daleks when the underfire tokens started piling up .The Adventure and battle cards gave us acouple of scares or chuckles depending what side you were on ,great fun overall .Next time the `Doctor will make an appearance and then after that will run multi player game at the club.We picked the rules up pretty quickly the only thing is you really need more dice than you get in the starter ,luckily for me John had some extra sets from when he bought up alot of warlord games zombie game last year which uses the same die .
Exterminate ..Exterminate 

This isn't going too end well 

Sunday, 11 February 2018

ikko ikki monks a Kickstarter

Andy at AW has just started a small kick starter to expand his extensive samurai range ,as followers will know I like the AW ranges having quite alot of Andys toys in my collections .

Doctor Who into the time vortex -W.I.P

After promising to run a game of Warlords new Dr Who game this coming wednesday so today painted enough forces for the 1st scenario ,Daleks v Cybermen . The models are plastic from the starter set ,the cybermen fit together better than the Daleks but built and painted 9 cybermen ,2 stands of cybermats and 7 Daleks in under 6 hours ,so cant grumble . Just need to finish basing the cybermen and varnish them all .Will do a write up after the game .
a leader and 2 patrols worth of Daleks

Stuck a single cybermat on the leaders base ,to make him stand out little from the others 

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Spectre Operations -rules overview

Another look at the rules now Ive read them and hopefully this will answer some of the questions I have been asked and give you an idea what you will need to play .The rules are card cover and  colour through out and are a 112 pages long . They are a D6 set and it looks like you will need a few . Movement and ranges are in inches ,you will need a few counters although dedicated perspex couters are available there are no cut outs or downloadable ones available that I know of . There is apoints system but scenarios seem to be the way to go and there are anumber included .

The big thing with the rules are the skill level of troops going from level 0 which are civilians ,armed criminals etc upto level 12 who are the SAS, Delta types .The elite boys will wipe the floor with the lower level troop types unless you play them correctly and have sufficient numbers to out shoot the SAS and spetsnaz types. Commanders and leaders add bonuses and each level of fighter have traits which can help them out as well . Choosing the right equipment and dividing it out amongst your teams is crucial as well.

TURN SEQUENCE . its u go I go  system  .

phase 1 =INITIATIVE  a roll of aD6 plus the highest command rating on each side wins so usually the elite /professional types will win this

phase 2 =COMMAND PHASE , models pass a command roll to perform certain actions such as going into over watch  and calling in off table fire.

phase 3 =MOVEMENT & TACTICAL ACTIONS .moving which is 6" normally and performing tactical actions which include using stun grenades ,breaching walls and doors ,moving into close combat

phase 4 =COMBAT the fun part covers the fighting which looks to be fast and bloody

There are rules including for everything I can think of ,night vision equipment ,every type of weapon and ammo , civlians getting in the way ,all quite clearly explained and laid out .

Vehicles , these are intended to be things like technicals and special forces soft skins amd SUV's but basic rules for everything up to MBT's are in there as well .

I always like to know how many figures I am going to need and what size playing areas so looking at the included scenarios you will need:

1. US Rangers v Insurgents  a 3x3 foot table with 30 rangers and 48 insurgents of variuos kinds

2. MIlitia and Mercs v special forces again 3x3 but points based so forces will vary.

3. Militia v task force  a 4 x4 table with 33 militia v 7 task force

4 SAS v Milita  6 SAS against 20 militia who get another 20 militia each of the 10 turns  however with the combat rules I think the militia player will be recycling his dead figures this is a 4x4 table set up

5 muti player with 6 delta force ,6 spetsnaz 15 criminal gang 2 police in acar ,and 8 swat in 2 SUV's on a3x3 table .

The trick is lots of scenary as well ,most of teh above scenarios have off table or air support which can be used without the actual models although a couple of little birds or blackhawks always look nice.

my only quibble is there are no seperate quick play sheets or charts though you can down load a quick play sheet from the web site .

lots of nice pics

nicely laid out in a clear readable format

everything seems to explained very well

Friday, 2 February 2018

``spectre operations -a new project

I purchased these newish special forces rules and a selection of figures just on an impulse and Im very impressed ,the rules are nicely laid out ,colourful ,easy to follow ,they come complete with a few scenarios at first glance they look like they will give agood skirmish game looks like the special forces need 6-10 figures and if using militia types as the bad guys you will need about 20-30 figures definatly a set of scenario led rules where you need clear objectives aand number of turns ..he figures are really nice with no flash or mould lines , all of them look the part ,the SAS types are very realistic poses and the militia even have the firing a ak47 over my head pose seen on news flashes from around the world .
The book really nice although mine had slight damage to the cover as can be seen 

Thursday, 1 February 2018

With some guts behind it ....some new books for my library

Made 5 piurchases to add to my Zulu war library ,the first is really about the famous movie rather that the actaul events but ive been after ZULU with some guts behind it ,by Stepehen Hall , for a while as it sold out almost straight away and the the pirates on evil bay started asking silly money (£1000 average for a book that retailed at about £30) so that was a no no for me then a recent re issue in paperback for £17 and im a happy chappy , a wonderful book containing facts and stories about the classic movie with hundreds of pictures from the film and from behind the scenes ,fantastic stuff. The other 4 are more striaght forward books , 2 by Mike Snook ,one on Isandlwana and the other on Rorkes drift started reading these and they seem very decent ,well written reads ,the next was a Ian Knight one that I have wanted a while ,the companion to the zulu war ,Ian is my favourite zulu war author .Finally chris peers battlefield guide not sure about this one but it was very cheap and has got loads of pics and has the word zulu in the title so its now on my shelf.