Thursday, 13 July 2017

Bolt Action rematch

Another Bolt Action game at the club last night ,again Afrika Korps v Brits this time a narrow Brit Victory we both used different army lists and different plans of action,all this went wrong when the preliminary bombardments wreaked havoc with both sides and the game became a bit of stalemate until the German forward air observer called in the Stukas .A roll of 1 sent the rookie pilot the wrong way and he kindly took out a large part of the German units much to my delight .
The Brits advance

love the smell of burning hanomags 

Thats the wrong way you dumkopf ?????

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Bolt Action1000pt game

Did abig game last night ,basically so we could get used to all the stuff we hadnt used before ,tanks etc ,played length ways on a 10x4 table .Great fun set in early war Med Brits v Germans ,Germans scored narrow victory a replay next week .All the toys were Johns mainly Artizan with some bolt action ,vehicles bolt actionand die casts scenery a mix mats by urbanmatz

Friday, 23 June 2017

The Tank MuseumBovington part9 the cafe,outside ,the workshops and the conservation centre

Vehicles and other items are spread all over the site ,the conservation centre is basically ahuge store room.

The Tank Museum Bovington part 8-Battlegroup Afghanistan

The tank Museum Bovington-part7 TankFactory

A selection of prototypes strange vehicles and  a centurion cut in half lengthways